Essdras’ Tidbits of Photographic Wisdom

  • Keep shooting – keep moving – keep adjusting. 
  • Content will always rule
  • Do on to others

When photographing:

  • A cliché is not a cliché until you get it out of your system. Shoot the cliché and then move on to the good stuff.
  • Don’t walk away from a situation you are photographing until you have explored every angle – every variation – every possibility.
  • Do not forget to turn around.
  • Approach every shoot as if it were the last time you get to photograph that subject matter.
  • Find a spot where you can set up to stake out, get set and frame the shot and, then, wait for the key elements to walk into the frame.
  • Think about the flick of the wrist and the follow through action required for success in most sports – photography is not any different – if you do not wait for that “flick of the wrist” moment and then follow through the opportunity will be gone forever.
  • If you walk into a place and you bring your camera to your eye, without giving it much thought, there is a very good chance your photo will be pedestrian and that no one will pay attention to it.

The “WOW” Photo

  • Everything has pretty much already been photographed. It is up to you to show the thing anew.
  • There is a hierarchy within the elements that makes a photo a great photo. And within the hierarchy moments are kings
  • Your goal with your photos should be that of grabbing the viewer’s attention just a little bit longer than that any other of the other hundreds or thousands of images with which they get bombarded everyday.
  • The best thing that can happen to a photographer is to be ignored by his subjects, for it is then is when they get to catch a glimpse of they truly are.
  • The goal of a portrait is to capture a bit of the true essence of your subject.

The Photographer

  • Photography not only allows you to appreciate where you go, but where you are.
  • I’m only as good as photographer as I am because I have ruined hundreds of thousands of frames and I’ve learned from those mistakes.
  • At the beginning we click and click and don’t think much about it. As we learn more, we should think and think and then click.
  • If you don’t take the time to think before you click that shutter. It is very likely you’d end up recreating a boring facsimile of reality.
  • If you click without thinking you are basically just ‘blinking’ with your camera. You’ve just simply copied what your eyes can see without putting much thought into your shot.
  • As photographers we are slaves to light. Our goal should be that of becoming masters of light.
  • When it comes to photography you must learn to respect your own work before you should expect others to respect it.
  • The worst thing that can happen to a photographer is to have their work ignored.

The Photojournalist

On being a photojournalist: Never forget for you it might be just another assignment but for them– your photographic subjects–it might be the most important moment in their lives.