“Dandelion Moments”

Tatiana Cueva, a graduate from the School of Fashion Design on Newbury St, and model Heather Seeseldt wearing Cueva’s designs were photographed on May 9, 2012 for a story on a new batch of designers graduating this year. (Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)

Behind the Scenes:

The assignment, as it happens this time of the year, was to photograph designers and their models. The relevance of these images is to illustrate what is known as “Dandelion Moments.”

The concept of a “Dandelion Moment” is based on story about a photographer who took his subject of a portrait to a prairie field to shoot her with the setting sun. However while waiting for the light, the bored subject takes it upon herself to pick up a dandelion flower and starts blowing on it. The photographer captures moment when the little seedlings take flight. The resulting photo is a beautiful image of a backlight subject, and flowers in the air.

The question to debate here is: Was this a portrait or was this a moment? I truly believe there is no black and white answer on this one. Purists would tell you, the shooter took the subject to a controlled environment therefore it is not a moment.

However others would say that despite this, what happened once the subject was there happened on its own without any directing or guidance from the photographer, therefore they’d call that a moment.

Regardless, these images of the designer with her model were my “dandelion moments.”