2011 Boston Globe 100

Every year the Boston Globe puts out a special-edition magazine called the “Globe 100” where they profile the 100 most-relevant biz in the New England area. I did it for a couple of years and then I had to take a break. It is very stressful to deal with the logistics of scheduling important people such as CEOs for portraits.

Some years I’ve been given more time, others like this one I was given my 6 or 7 subjects, 8 biz days before deadline. So I took a more zen approach on this edition: I let the chips fell where they may and I still got my portraits.

This is who they are:

  • Alan S. McKim (cq) CEO of Clean Harbors (the 2011 Number I company)
  • Nathaniel Dalton (Cq), President and Corporate Operating Officer of Affiliated Managers Group
  • Harvard Bioscience president David Green (cq) photographed while holding a syringe pump
  • IPG Photonics CEO Valentin Gapontsev (cq) in front of a 20,000-watt fiber laser cutting through a 1/2 inch low-carbon steel
  • Seth Priebatsch, self-titled Chief Ninja of SCVNGR, keeps toy helicopters in his office to help him relax
  • Carol Meyrowitz the president, Chief Executive Officer, and director of TJX Companies, the leading off-price retailer in the United States.

Tech Stuff:

Every single one of these lighting setups had to be tailored to the circumstances. Some are done with battery packs others are done with AC-fed lights, etc.