Food, Sports, Features and Wildlife

This is pretty exemplary of the range of assignments a photographer working for a newspaper gets to experience.

Behind the Scenes:

  • We all shoot food, some better than others.
  • Others shoot sports which I don’t do it that often and that is why, when sent to cover a track meet, the photo I ended up liking the most was that of the start-gun going off.
  • But when it comes to weather, that my friends is the “great equalizer” among the staff members. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your perceived specialty might be we all have to pay the piper when it snows, rains, when the sun comes out, when the sun hides,etc, etc.
  • The frog image I made during an day off visit to the zoo.

Tech Stuff: The only technical aspects worth mentioning here are the two food shots that were shot on location with two off-camera strobes at a crisscrossed pattern at about 11 and 4 on a clock face. Speed is maximum synch-flash speed for my Mark IV 1/320th of a second, lens: 60mm 2.5 macro.