Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Interfaith Service

People who couldn’t get into Newtown High School, on December 16, 2012, to an inter-faith religious service in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims listen to loudspeakers broadcasting the event outside of the venue. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)

Behind the Scenes:

I had already worked a pretty long and tiring day and I knew there was no chance I could get into the service since President Obama had announced he would be there. I had already sent back plenty of photos for the day but I talked to my editor and we agreed I should still check it out.

Once it was announced the President would be attending we knew right away it would probably be a pool situation and would likely be given to the local paper or the AP. Yet, we still decided I should try to go ahead and get as close as I could to the high school.

Traffic was snarled everywhere and the most direct route to the high school had been closed earlier for security reasons. So I drove out several miles and came back thorough rural roads. I still had to park about a mile or so away from the high school but at least I wasn’t the only one huffing and puffing it.

I’m very glad I went. Even thought the lighting was a bit tough at times the images available were truly beautiful. I also noticed in the last couple of days how diverse the people attending religious services and just walking around town have been. And it was the same at the service.

But what made me the happiest was that many fellow members of the media decided to take the night off and apparently those attending decided to be respectful to the public attending the event. Halleluja to that I say.

Note: I will probably back here in the coming days for some of the funerals… I have mixed feelings about covering these.

Tech Stuff: D3 and D3s, 24-70mm 2.8, and 17-200mm 2.8. ISO +6,400. WB Auto.