Street Photography: NYC Workshop 2015 – “Highline Park”

In October 2015, I had the pleasure of giving a slideshow presentation and then to teach a Street Photography workshop in NYC.

The Big Apple being as big as it is, you need to plan at least a general area where to conduct such workshop. I chose a favorite area of mine – “The Highline Park.”

The last time I was there it only went as far as 24th St. To my surprise it now goes all the way to the 30s. And even though, I was eager to see the areas I had not seen yet; we had so many things to photograph in the span of four hours, we never quite made it pass 22nd or 24th.

It’s always a two-way street when it comes to being a teacher:

  • If you watch your students carefully enough, you as the teacher gets to learn as much as the students. More than once on that day I was shown an image that made me feel I wished I would’ve been the one who made that shot.
  • Its amazing how people can be standing shoulder to shoulder and still be able to come up with such different versions of the same situation. Especially after you start pointing out to them what to look for.

Here are some of my pics from that day and I also included one from Tarrytown Train station up North near Westchester where we were staying.

Tech Stuff: 

  • Two Nikon Camera bodies D4 and D3s. Two lenses: 70-200mm 2.8 AF ED and an old 24mm. 28 silver ring Nikkor. (I demolished my to-go wide angle zoom 17- 35mm 2.8 recently; thus, the throwback lens). ISO 64- 800. WB: Cloudy and Sunny settings
  • Mode: JPG ( I know, I know you must think me a heathen but unless I’m on a commercial assignment I still prefer jpgs since this is the fastest way one can shoot. It doesn’t bog down the buffering unless its an extreme situation. And as I’ve said it before: When you’ve ruined as many hundreds of thousands of images as I have you eventually get pretty good and not making that many mistakes)