Street Photography: NYC’s Time Square as a Tourist

After having finished a tall ships’ assignment at the NY Harbor, I decided to go out and be a tourist the night before flying back to Boston. It was a rare pleasure not to have to worry about getting the names of the subjects in the photo and to simply make images strictly based on their visual appeal and to satisfy my need of being creative.

Shooting in the Rain

At some point it started raining and people ran for cover. I decided my Nikon could take it so I stayed out and I was rewarded by:

  • The girls jumping in the rain and posing for photos being taken by a friend
  • With the sailors running for cover right in front of my lens as I was shooting from a low angle.

I had seen the Elmo character earlier in the day and while I was heading back to the hotel I made a mental note to find him if I went back out. I found not one but two Elmos – thus, the two different images.

Theory of Photography:

The photo with Elmo where he is to the left and there is a man to the far right; I decided to use despite cropping the arm of the man on the right at one of those “uncanny valley points.”

This is something I’m always drilling to students attending my workshops: “be careful not to crop the human figure at the wrists, elbows, knees etc.” Even though, it seems as if I didn’t follow my own advice on this one.

It is important here to remember the following: When it comes to the hierarchy of elements that make a photo a good photo, decisive moments trump all other elements.

Thus moments are the kings when it comes to content. The body language of Elmo on this was a definite decisive moment. I only had one frame where his body language was so unique.

Tech Stuff:

  • One camera a D3s and one lens: 24 2.0 manual focus.
  • I went out there to play so I took the most basic setup I could think of. ISO 800- 2500,
  • WB: A, speeds 1/60th to 1/250th of a second.

And I just had a blast!