Fire and Ice

The January wind blows snowflakes in between buildings on Forsyth Street in Boston on a day that brought a myriad of weather conditions ranging from heavy snow, to light snow, flurries and, then, the sun finally breaking through. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)

Behind the Scene:

Today was a tough day to document weather conditions in the city because of the extreme range of weather conditions in a short period of time: The early morning was heavy snow, then it tapered off and finally the sun broke through.

So the question was: what would resonate with readers the following day when they look at photos of this day? I kept my eyes open for an image that would showcase this variety and I found it while walking to an assignment when I noticed how the sun would light the falling snow crystals from behind.

Then, it was a matter of waiting for a human to come into my frame.

Remember: People will react to other people in a frame, it gives the image a sense of familiarity and scale.

I got a couple of people walking by and I thought that would be the shot but as I started walking away I noticed this guy actually going down the alley.

I rushed back and barely had enough time for a couple of well-composed shots before he veered into one of the buildings. Notice how the about-to step frame epitomizes the quintessential decisive moment in the photo.

Tech Stuff: ISO 640 @ 9.0- 1/320TH of a second. AWB.