Photo Guidance

Between the years 2008 and 2016, EMS Photo Adventures CEO, maintained a blog “Photography by Essdras M Suarez” where he would post copy and photos of his photo assignments: for clients or as a journalist for the Boston Globe (Boston, MA) –  and, on occasion, when he was just doing what he loves best – photographing the world around him.

Within the text of the blogs, you will find photographic guidance (often bolded), a “Behind the Scene” look and “Tech Stuff” that might be helpful to you, the photographer, and just plain fun to read.

You might want to begin with … Essdras’ Tidbits of Photographic Wisdom


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Photographing Food

Street Photography

Travel Photography

Photographing Children

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Good Weather Shots

Photo Journalism

117th Boston Marathon Bombing, Boston, Massachusetts – April 15, 2013

Difficult Lighting Situation

Mixed Bag

Photographing Celebrities and Politicians

Photographing Dancers

Photographing Gymnasts and Cheerleaders

Police Events

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, Newton, Connecticut – Dec. 14, 2012