Deborah C: “I just returned from Cuba where Essdras was our amazing photo leader. I learned more in one week than I’ve learned in a long time.” 

M-J A: “The best week ever – so much warmth – so much shared – a dream trip where one can learn from 4 incredible professional, giving and talented photographers – we were blessed – thank you for an unimaginable week – and putting the joy back into my photography – bless you Essdras!”

Rosemary G: “Thank you for exposing us to such a variety of scenes from Cuba… everywhere we looked there was something begging to be photographed. I felt safe and appreciated everything that you and your team did to make our time in Cuba memorable.”

 Charlene: “It was an excellent learning experience and I had to use everything I’ve learned to date and especially what I’ve learned from Essdras from our Cuba and the Ecuador trips: To keep moving, keep adjusting settings for the current photo, where is the light coming from, how does it show on the subject, where do I need to be to get the most from the light, what angles should I shoot for this photo, don’t wait till the camera completes autofocus, etc.  It was really hard to do all this at once and my photos clearly show how much I have to learn.  But it was also an excellent way to capture and demonstrate for myself what I have to learn. It was the single best “hands-on put it all together” exercise I’ve ever done.”

Gloria: “Quality of photography instruction by Essdras Suarez was fantastic!! Cuba was a photographer’s dream!!!  The expertise of Essdras in photography, his engaging personality, and his knowledge of the area was, to me, the most important aspect of ensuring a great trip.  I would go on another photo trip that he was the leader.”

Julia: “Excellent trip! great photo ops and instruction. Was truly set up for photographers. Were taken to the right place at the right time with ample time to shoot and explore. Professional guides were better than excellent and were totally connected to the locals. Paladars and accommodations were wonderful… I also like spontaneous adventures – a trip to the barbershop on a very hot day.  Nice hair cuts for Ess and Steve as well as continued instructions by Ess on things to photograph and how to do it.”

Kathy: “Fantastic program. Essdras is a wonderful group leader, teacher & photographer… We all got great photos and had a spectacular time learning about Cuba and her people. Highly recommend this trip!!”

Jorge: “Essdras has a unique ability to put his audience not only on the scene but behind the lens of his camera.  He is able to make you comprehend the context of a photo so vividly that it makes you feel as if you are actually there. He makes it feel real. Essdras explains so humanely the technical elements required to take a world-class photo, that you realize that what the photo conveys it’s so real it will stay captured forever. To this day, many years after, I think of Essdras presentation, his photos and the context that lead to it.”

Catherine: “You are a natural teacher and I am so glad I was able to have the opportunity to take this class!  The word will spread quickly about you! Thanks so much.”