Portfolio Review by Essdras M Suarez

Review involves a one-hour, online, portfolio review of 50 of your images for an extremely reduced $89.99.

How to prepare for the review according to Essdras:

  • Choose 50 images. These 50 images don’t need to be what you consider to be your best work. I rather see 50 images that show me where you are currently as a photographer than what you consider to be your 50 best. I’m a true believer we learn from our mistakes than from our wins.
  • Put them online in a place where we can have access to at the same time, such as Smug Mug or another online photo sharing application.
  • The best way to do the review is using Zoom and I will provide you with a Zoom link. If that’s not available, we can use WhatsApp or FaceTime
  • Contact via email at emsphotoadventures@email.com or essdrasmsuarez@gmail.com to set up a time and date when we would be able to get together.

Note: Payment for the review will be made through a PayPal or Venmo that will be provided to you in an email when you define a date and time for the review.

Testimonials of people whose portfolios that have already reviewed. 

“Thank you for taking the time out to meet me and give a constructive critique of my work… I went to competition night at SS Camera Club and as the images were coming up, I was cropping them in my head before the judge gave his comments and nine out of ten I was on the money with what he said regarding the cropping. I am very excited to see how this plays out in my work. Thanks so much.” – C. Galloway

“I want you to know, yes, I was absolutely thrilled by the portfolio review we had. And your photo class with our club last summer was one of the best I have ever taken. You are truly a natural teacher. So thank you.” – K. Woodward

“I was just talking with _____  last Thursday and she could NOT stop raving about how much she got out of the photo review she had with you.  She spoke not only about your expertise in photography but also about your kindness and generosity.  So thank you again.” – R. Schaeffer 

“A thorough, thoroughly honest portfolio review by a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer?  What more could you ask for?  Essdras Suarez is a brilliant, no-nonsense teacher with an expert eye, who will forever change the way you work and the way you see your work.  This is a matchless opportunity to grow and learn, and the best gift you can possibly give yourself.”  – S. Kauffman