What to Bring – Camera Gear Plus

Camera Gear and Electronic Equipment

We are often asked what camera gear and extra equipment will be needed to ensure a successful learning experience. We recommend you pack the following:

Camera Equipment

  • Camera of your choice (preferably a DSLR or Mirror-less)
  • Multiple lenses of different focal lengths or a very wide-range zoom
  • Several 32G or more high-speed cards
  • Lens cleaner and lens cloth or equivalent
  • Extra camera batteries (always err on the side of having TOO many!)
  • Battery charger(s) and cord(s)


  • Mobile phone with camera capabilities, water casing just in case
  • Laptop or other digital media storage device
  • Couple of USBs for sharing photos
  • Electricity / Power Converter
  • Card Reader for downloading onto laptop
  • All the cords for all the devices
  • Camera manuals or quick manual guides



  • Portable external hard drive
  • Multi-plug extension Cord and/or with power surge protector
  • Walkman Tripod Stool
  • Lightweight tripod or, depending upon the type of camera you have, even a Gorillapod or equivalent might be all you need


Download Helpful Packing Checklist (PDF)