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  • EMS Photo Adventures, led by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Essdras M Suarez, offers unique, hands-on photography adventures that help photographers of all levels advance their skills. Participants learn to see from new perspectives and make impactful images under the guidance of world class and Pulitzer Prize-winning photogaphers. Our focused adventures are not just about taking pictures—they’re about crafting compelling, recognition-worthy photographs and enriching your photographic vision.
  • At EMS Photo Adventures, we have a passion for travel and experiencing diverse cultures, and we love sharing these experiences with like-minded photographers—enthusiasts who possess a spirit of adventure, are curious, and eager to learn from the best.

  • We aim for you to feel, at the end of your adventure, that you have not only learned and improved your photography skills but also received great value for your investment. Therefore, we focus on quality and meaningful learning experiences.

We want you to fall in love with EMS PA and become a part of our Adventure Family.

  • You will be led by Pulitzer Prize-winning instructors — the proven best of the best — who have down-to-earth personalities and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Our leaders take a personal interest in you and are dedicated to helping you improve. They will accompany you at all times to ensure you seize every opportunity to capture the best photos while on location.
  • We focus on teaching you how to photograph anything and everything, as opposed to programs that specialize only in landscape, portrait, documentary, etc.
  • You will receive on-location teaching and guidance, enabling you to capture that perfect shot immediately!
  • We will introduce you to new ways of using your camera, how to think and see beyond the obvious.
  • You will be given the opportunity to create outstanding images anywhere, anytime, through hands-on, location-centric guidance and instruction.
  • We will challenge you to capture that unique photo — the one that stands out from all the rest.
  • Our leaders will work with you to enhance your photography skills by teaching you how to “see” better—from different perspectives and in new ways.
  • We will reignite your passion for photography and make it fun again.
  • We will dispel myths about photography.
  • You will learning about the psychology of great photography. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographers, who want to spread their wings, love to travel, have a spirit of adventure, are curious, want to improve their skills – and most of all – want to have fun learning.

No. Although EMS Adventures are created to improve the photographic experience, they can also be great fun for those who want to just capture the experience in a more casual way as a companion to the more serious photographer.

Because adventures are focused improving your photography, you should be familiar and confident with your gear. It is recommended photographers have their own DSLR or Mirorrless Digital Camera(s).

Outside of being part of a fun and exciting adventure, you will gain greater understanding of the techniques you can use on a day-to day basis to capture that special photo. You will gain knowledge both by on-location instruction and practice on how to construct and frame your photo through the viewfinder. We’ll make sure you understand the reasons why something works or does not. By teaching you to understand rather than memorize theory, this knowledge becomes part of your practical knowledge repertoire and not just a memorized rule or tip.

Although not all, the majority of our adventures include:

  • One or more bi-lingual photographers
  • A local guide familiar with the country and local area
  • All but a few select meals. Meals “on your own” are intended to allow participants the freedom to have a lunch or dinner at a location of their choosing.
  • Lodging at the areas’ best hotels or, at times, in a unique setting for cultural appreciation.
  • All local ground transport and domestic flights necessary to navigate within the context of the adventure.
  • Fees for special events, speakers and guest photographers.
  • Admission to all buildings, public or private, identified in the itinerary.
  • Bottled water in those countries where drinking the local water is not advised.
  • Access to print an enhanced itinerary in a PDF format.

With some exceptions (which would be specifically identified), our adventures do not include:

  • International and/or domestic flights to and from the destination from which the adventure will begin.
  • Airline baggage fees – contact the airline of your choice and determine weight and baggage limits for both domestic and international fights.
  • Medical Insurance (it is advised you purchase an international medical coverage plan)
  • Visa:
    • Well in advance of departure date, check online with Wikipedia “Visa requirements for US citizens” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_United_States_citizens)
    • If a visa is required, make application to the issuing country as soon as possible.
  • Tips for local guides and drivers. Tipping recommendations will be given upon request.
  • Meals other than those listed on the itinerary
  • Individual house and/or hotel expenses: mini bar, room service, laundry, phone calls and snacks.
  • All alcoholic, fruit and soft drinks not served as part of the included meal.

Some adventures are solely an EMS PA endeavor and others are in collaboration with other organizations and agencies (often at their request).

  • When we collaborate with others, we continue to ensure that the itinerary is focused on photographic opportunities and will be an unique experience for those who join us.
  • We will clearly inform you when we are working in collaboration and, in that regard, at times the collaborating agency will be handling the details of the booking process..

It isn’t the camera – it is the practice and knowledge that makes good photos