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June 6-8th, 2024

Crafting your Own Photographic Vision, Great Composition & Beyond

Welcome to our new virtual course focused on the world of photography, with a special emphasis on understanding what makes great photography. This class goes beyond the basics...
Aug 23- 25th, 2024
Come and experience an insider’s look as we photograph some of the great classic DC-area attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and mo...
Sept. 26-28th, 2024
Experience the joy of capturing captivating moments through your lens at our mesmerizing Street Photography photo workshop in Manhattan. Discover hidden gems and vibrant cultu...
Oct 11-23rd, 2024
This program description focuses on the stunning visuals and unique locations you'll encounter: Immerse yourself in Dublin's rich history and bustling streets before capturing...
Nov 8-15th, 2024
Discover the vibrant and captivating essence of Cuba as you delve into its rich culture and daily life. With your camera in hand, capture the breathtaking architectural wonder...
Oct 17-25th, 2024
Discover the allure of Latin America's ethnically diverse and vibrant country, Panama - ranked as the world's top retirement destination in 2022. Capture stunning shots of the...
Dec. 6- 13th, 2024
Get ready to embark on a truly exceptional opportunity to delve deeper into the alluring charms of Cuba. Join us for a captivating photo journey through the mesmerizing region...
January 9-20th, 2025
Join us for "Soul of Santiago: Capturing Rhythm & Ritual in Cuba's Heart," a photo program from January 9-20, 2025, in Santiago de Cuba. Led by Essdras M. Suarez, dive int...
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The Photo Legacy Book

The Photo Legacy Book is an essential service for families at pivotal moments, eager to capture their familial legacy through high-quality photography. More than a keepsake, it’s a powerful tool to preserve life’s fleeting stages, such as births, farewells, marriages, and graduations.

This service not only treasures the present but also builds an emotional and tangible bridge for future generations to celebrate and connect with their heritage, capturing the essence and emotions of family life before it evolves.