Cuba: A Photographic Journey

Cuba, a Photographic Journey stands as a premier choice for first-time visitors to Cuba, offering an itinerary that not only presents abundant photographic opportunities but also serves as a comprehensive introduction to the central part of the island. This program is designed to immerse participants in the vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning visuals that define Cuba, providing a well-rounded experience that goes beyond the lens. From the bustling streets of Havana to the tranquil beauty of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, this journey offers a glimpse into the heart of Cuba, making it an unforgettable adventure for anyone looking to capture the essence of this unique island nation.

Embarking on this journey offers an extraordinary canvas for photographers, blending vibrant street life, timeless architecture, and the warmth of its people into an unforgettable experience. This island, with its unique mix of cultural richness and historical significance, provides a perfect backdrop for those looking to delve deeper into the essence of street photography and document the soul of Cuba.

The adventure begins in Havana, a city where the past lingers in the air, amidst the art deco facades and the rhythm of daily life. Havana is not just Cuba’s heart but a living museum, its streets lined with “almendrones”—American classic cars whose curvaceous designs remind locals of almonds. These vintage beauties add a touch of nostalgia and color to the city’s landscape, making Havana a dream for any photographer.

From Havana, the journey continues to Trinidad, a city that encapsulates the notion of a place frozen in time. Trinidad offers a picturesque tableau of colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, a testament to its UNESCO World Heritage status. Here, the interaction between light and shadow, the old and the new, provides endless inspiration for capturing moments that feel both intimate and grandiose.

Cienfuegos, with its serene waterfront and French-inspired architecture, presents a different facet of Cuba’s charm. Known as the “Pearl of the South,” Cienfuegos reflects the island’s diverse cultural influences and its evolving spirit of entrepreneurship, visible in the lively paladares and casas particulares. This city showcases the burgeoning free enterprise, adding depth to the Cuban narrative.

However, the true essence of Cuba, the core of its allure for photographers, lies in its people. Cubans, with their resilience, warmth, and vivacity, are the heartbeat of the island. Capturing the candid moments of their daily lives, from the bustling markets to the tranquil countryside, offers a glimpse into the soul of Cuba. It’s these interactions, these snapshots of genuine emotion and communal spirit, that make Cuba a perennial favorite on the bucket lists of photographers worldwide.

Guided by a team of experts, including a Pulitzer-Prize winning instructor and local talents, participants will have a unique opportunity to refine their skills while engaging deeply with the Cuban culture. This journey is not just about enhancing photographic techniques but about connecting with the spirit of Cuba through the lens of its most captivating subjects—its people and their stories.

A day by day itinerary will be provided once you reserve your spot. 

  • Program dates: Nov 8-15th, 2024
  • Program Price:  $5,490
  • Save your spot: $     490
  • Initial Deposit:  $1,500 by June 30, 2024
  • Final Payment:  $3,500 by Aug 31, 202
  • Single occupancy supplement: $350
    • (Note: In case of cancellation by custoer, the $490 deposit is non-refundable. However said amount ca and can be applied  towards other EMS Photo Adventure workshops or products.)




Join Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Essdras M Suarez, and Cuban photographer and instructor Joel Hernández Marín for an inspiring photographic journey into the heart of Cuba while learning to improve the artistic and technical aspects of your photography.

  • Capture the architecture and daily life on the streets and in the historic squares in Old Havana. And, of course, photograph the ubiquitous and beautifully restored classic American cars, which are tenderly dubbed by Cubans as “almendrones” because of their big sensuous curves.
  • Meet and interact with Cuban artists in their studios and enjoy performances by both traditional and Afro-Cuban dancers
  • Visit Fusterlandia – the home of painter, and sculptor José Rodriguez Fuster – and delight at how he has decorated his neighborhood into what has described a fairyland of Gaudiesque mosaic art sprinkled with elements of Picasso and Jean Debuffet.
  • Stroll El Callejón de Hamel where you will marvel at the environment created by painter, muralist, and sculptor Salvador Gonzales Escalona and visit his home, which has now been converted to a museum of sorts where you’ll get a guided tour and explanation into the Santeria religion by a well-known practitioner. 
  • Shoot side by side with a Cuban photographer and share photographic thoughts and perspectives
  • Return briefly to the 1800s in the most delightful, warm and congenial city of Trinidad de Cuba
  • Experience the new spirit of free enterprise as we patronize family- owned restaurants and stay in casas particulars (privately- owned accommodations).
  • One of the trademarks of our programs, and a key factor in their success, is our flexibility and spirit of creativity. This approach allows us to embrace impromptu photo opportunities, something we are well-known for.

Trip Includes

  • 8 days/ 7 nights of accommodations
  • Customary gratuities throughout the program
  • 20 out of 23 meals
  • Ground Transportation
  • Lodging in Casa Particulars (Privately Owned Accommodations)

Note: Full itinerary and details available upon booking.

“This was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Our leader Essdras was outstanding and was able to provide an insight into the Cuban culture that was unique and fascinating. If you take this trip, expect to be shoved out of your comfort zone, in a very good way. Easily the best group leader I’ve ever traveled with, including those from National Geographic and Smithsonian. In addition, a wonderful photography teacher.” … Ann  


SPECIAL NOTE: Our programs are organized through Education Travel Alliance (ETA), a company licensed by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). It is through agents like ETA that OFAC authorizes the issuance of official visas, allowing registered United States citizens to legally participate in our programs. This authorization enables legal travel to Cuba, where participants engage in a full-time schedule of authorized exchanges and activities. These meaningful interactions between travelers and locals are, by design, “in support of the Cuban people,” which happens to be the title category of the type of visa  participants are issued. 


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