Cuban Visions: A Photo Expedition to Havana, Viñales, and Matanzas/ Dec 6- 13th, 2024

  • Spend quality time walking the streets of Old Havana to document daily life.
  • Explore the San Jose neighborhood, renowned for its vibrant graffiti art.
  • Stroll along the famous walking promenade, El Prado, where skateboarders, unique characters, and tango dancers mix with strolling families as the temperatures cool down.
  • Visit the world-renowned Compass Group, composed of young women who perform to the rhythm of unique percussion instruments.
  • In Havana we will photograph an authentic Rumba celebration in a solar, as local spaces between the houses are known- or in a passage- an alleyway between houses. See them become the rhythms they dance, a spectacle worthy of any stage in the world.
  • Engage in a Malecon early-morning walk to capture the sunrise, fishermen, and the city as it awakens.
  • Visit the renowned tobacco-growing region of Cuba, the source of famous cigars like Cohiba and Montecristo.
  • Experience rural life on a tobacco farm, learning about the history and harvesting of this celebrated plant.
  • Explore the unique Mogotes, dome-shaped geological formations covered in vegetation and riddled with caves and rivers.
  • Enjoy authentic countryside meals on a tobacco plantation.
  • Spend an overnight in Havana before heading to Matanzas.
  • Visit Matanzas, known as the Cuban Venice due to its unique location at the convergence of three rivers.
  • Explore Matanzas’ unique architectural design, filled with graphic elements, offering a distinct backdrop for street photography.
  • Visit the studio of a world-renowned sculptor, photographing up close in his workshop.
  • Return to Havana to end the adventure with a photo walk at dusk in the center of Old Havana, leading up to our farewell dinner.
  • Full itinerary available once you save your spot. 
  • Dates: Dec 6-13th, 2024
  • Total cost:  $5,490
  • Single occupancy: $350
  • Save your spot: $490 
  • Initial Dep: $1,500 by Aug 5th                                                           
  • Final Payment $3,000 by Oct 3rd, 2024
  • Participants: Min. 8 – Max. 10
  • Single occupancy $350


  • The “Save your spot” fee is non refundable. However this amount can be applied to any other EMS Photo Adventures program or product within 365 calendar days of the cancelled program initial date  Please refer to our booking conditions and terms page for full details.  

Embarking on “Cuban Visions, a Photo Expedition” offers an unparalleled journey through the heart of Cuba, capturing its essence from the vibrant streets of Havana to the lush tobacco fields of Viñales and the unique charm of Matanzas. This expedition is designed for those who’ve already been to Cuba but would like to visit different places and photograph different activities. As always, this photo adventure has been crafted for photographers who seek to further immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Cuban life, history, and landscape through the lens of their camera.

In Havana, the expedition begins with walks through Old Havana, offering a window into the daily lives of its people set against a backdrop of historic buildings and cobblestone streets. The San Jose neighborhood unfolds as a canvas of vibrant graffiti art, showcasing the dynamic street art scene. The Prado promenade comes alive in the cool of the evening, a social hub where skateboarders, dancers, and families converge, presenting myriad opportunities for candid shots.

A visit to the Compass Group reveals the rhythmic heartbeat of Cuba, with performances by young women on unique percussion instruments. The expedition delves deeper into Cuban culture with an authentic Rumba celebration in a solar or an alleyway passage, capturing the dancers as they embody the rhythms of their heritage. An early-morning walk along the Malecon captures the serene beauty of sunrise over Havana, fishermen at work, and the city stirring to life.

Venturing to Viñales, participants explore the renowned tobacco region, photographing the verdant landscapes where the world’s most famous cigars originate. Here, the expedition offers an intimate glimpse into rural life on a tobacco farm, learning about the intricate process of tobacco cultivation. The Mogotes, with their distinctive dome shapes, provide a stunning natural setting for photography, while authentic meals on a tobacco plantation offer a taste of the countryside.

In Matanzas, known as the Cuban Venice, the expedition explores the city’s unique architecture and its convergence of three rivers, providing a fresh perspective for architectural and street photography. A visit to the studio of a world-renowned sculptor allows for up-close documentation of his creative process, adding a layer of artistic depth to the journey.

Returning to Havana, the adventure culminates with a photo walk at dusk through the heart of Old Havana, leading to a farewell dinner. This final stroll offers a chance to capture the historic city bathed in the soft light of sunset, a fitting end to an extraordinary expedition.

Throughout “Cuban Visions, a Photo Expedition,” participants are not just observers but active participants in the cultural and visual narrative of Cuba. This journey is designed not only to enhance photographic skills but to forge a deep, personal connection with the places and people that make Cuba an endlessly fascinating destination. From the rhythms of its streets to the tranquility of its countryside and the unique beauty of its cities, Cuba offers a mosaic of experiences waiting to be captured and cherished.

Trip Includes

  • 8 days/ 7 nights of accommodations
  • Customary gratuities throughout the program
  • Twenty out of 23 meals 
  • Ground Transportation
  • Lodging in Casa Particulars (Privately Owned Accommodations)

Note: Full itinerary and details available upon booking.

Testimonial: This was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Our leader Essdras was outstanding and was able to provide an insight into the Cuban culture that was unique and fascinating. If you take this trip, expect to be shoved out of your comfort zone, in a very good way. Easily the best group leader I’ve ever traveled with, including those from National Geographic and Smithsonian. ” … Ann  


Special Note: Our programs are organized through Education Travel Alliance (ETA), a company licensed by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). It is through agents like ETA that OFAC authorizes the issuance of official visas, allowing registered United States citizens to participate in our programs. This authorization enables legal travel to Cuba, where participants engage in a full-time schedule of authorized exchanges and activities. These meaningful interactions between travelers and locals are, by design, in support of the Cuban people, which is the category title of this type of visa: “In Support of the Cuban People.” 


Visions Dec 2024
Visions/ Dec 6-13th 2024 (double)

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