Crafting your Own Photographic Vision, Great Composition & Beyond

Welcome to our virtual class offering, which consists of 9-10 hours of academic classroom instruction, group reviews and a free 30-min one-on-one portfolio review.  

Here’s what you can look forward to:

“You’ll participate in 9-10 hours of group classes and photo reviews, including group reviews. The private portfolio review can be best described as a personalized analysis of your current position as a photographer. You’ll receive an honest assessment of what you are doing well, along with tips and techniques for areas you could be improving to enhance your photography and help develop your unique vision.

During these virtual classes, we’ll delve into the heart of photo making, exploring critical aspects like composition, storytelling, and capturing decisive moments. We’ll dissect the psychology behind techniques such as the Rule of Thirds, layered compositions, points of entry and escape, and much more. I’ll equip you with practical techniques to position yourself for the perfect shot, while you have the freedom to ask anything about photography as many times as you like.


  • After this class, you will:
    • Have a better understanding of the Psychology of Photography: Gain insights into why certain photos are considered superior to others.
    • Comprehend Visual Anchors: Appreciate the importance of visual anchors and their impact on composition.
    • Understand Points of Escape: Learn what “points of escape” are and how to avoid them, as they can detract from your composition.
    • Create Impactful Layered Compositions: Gain a better understanding of why layering helps create more compelling photographs.
    • Crop Effectively: Develop a sense of why and when to crop and re-crop your images.
    • Crop for content and not for proportions. Understand why adhering to rules of cropping does not always apply.
    • Sharpen Digital Photography: Understand why sharpening is crucial in digital photography.
    • Adjust Levels or Curves with Precision: Improve your sense of how and when to adjust levels or curves, and when to stop.
    • Master Continuous Reassessment: Grasp the concept of ongoing evaluation when photographing a scene and its subjects.
    • Understand the Need to Dodge and Burn: Learn the psychology behind the need to alter too-bright or too-dark areas, rather than the technical process.
    • Enhance Your Photo- Selection Skills: Understand how to choose and assess photos for editing.
    • Know When to Stop Editing: Gain a better sense of when to cease editing and understand why.

This class offers a unique approach, focusing on the underlying principles that guide photography decisions, rather than solely on technical execution. You’ll come away with a well-rounded, common-sense understanding of how to create more impactful images. This class is not so much about the technical aspects, but about nurturing your vision and learning how to best express your artistry.

The workshop nurtured my creativity and photographic skills as well teaching me new ways of seeing in ways I never thought possible. Each lesson felt like a revelation, inspiring me to see the world through a new lens and capture moments with newfound depth and creativity. I am immensely grateful for this experience and highly recommend this workshop to photographers who want to unleash unleash their creative potential behind the lens of a camera.“-M.H.




  • What:      Between 8 to 9 hours of virtual classes
  • When:     Aug. 8-10th, 2024/ 9 AM to 12 PM EST sessions
  • Where:   The comfort of your own ‘_____’
  • Cost:        $485
  • Bonus:   Each participant will receive a free 30 min one-0n-one portfolio review. 

Welcome to our new three-day virtual course, dedicated to exploring the captivating world of photography through the lens of Street Photography. This course is designed to unravel the myriad aspects, techniques, and psychological elements that converge in the creation of exceptional photographs, all while helping you to cultivate your unique photographic vision. Whether you are a novice eager to learn the ropes or an experienced photographer aiming to polish your skills, this comprehensive class promises a transformative journey into impactful photography. Join us, and we guarantee to enhance your capabilities as a photographer.!

Crafting Your Photographic Vision June 6-8th

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