Photography: My Soul, My Identity, My Destiny

On this August 19th, 2023 World Photography Day, I found myself examining where I am in life as a photographer.

I consider myself truly fortunate to have discovered my passion for photography early in my adult life.

As a dear friend of mine, Carmit Hirsch, insightfully expressed, photography is more than an art or a hobby; it’s a means through which I quench my curiosity about the world.

Whether it’s the pleasure of photographing our fellow humans or the natural world and all of its wonders, these are blessings worthy of gratitude.

Wild-horse roundup in Wyoming and a lioness gnawing on the carcass of kill.

Photography invites us to become a part of people’s lives, to empathize with them, and to share in the kaleidoscope of human experiences.

From the intense moments witnessed in wars and disasters to the subtle, beautiful instances in everyday life, there’s always something profound to capture. Photography encourages us to be present, to hold onto those fleeting moments that might otherwise pass us by.

Hezbollah fighers. An Indonesia Tsunami survivor.


Many people have guided and inspired me on this journey, helping me grasp the beauty and depth of this craft. Now, sharing my knowledge and experience with others has become more than a responsibility; it’s a joy, a way of giving back and connecting with others.

Together, we can continue to explore the beauty of life through the lens, celebrating every frame, every emotion, and every story. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to share this journey with you.

Every photo in this collection has a story behind it, and when I talk about each one of them that memory becomes a tanglible sensible experience that transports me to that moment and for that I am thankful.

Embera indigenous man in Panama. Cuba ballerina. 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I’ve had such a great life due to photography that if I were to go blind, I’d be sad but I could live off my memories alone.”

Every photo in this collection carries a unique story behind it. When I talk about each one of them, that memory transforms into a tangible, sensible experience that transports me back to that very moment. For that, I am deeply thankful.

I’ve expressed this sentiment before, and I wholeheartedly repeat it now: ‘I’ve had such a rich and fulfilling life due to photography that if I were ever to go blind, I’d undoubtedly be sad, but I could live off my cherished memories alone.’

This statement is more than a reflection of my gratitude; it’s a testament to the profound impact that capturing the world through a lens has had on my life. Through photography, I’ve learned to see, feel, and appreciate the world in ways I never thought possible. It’s a joy and a blessing that continues to inspire me every single day.

May you have a wonderful #WorldPhotographyDay

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