Dubrovnik, Croatia


One of the key points when it comes to silhouettes is the separation between compositional elements..
In other words, you want your silhouettes to be immediately recognized for what they are I.e. a person walking, a couple on a bench, people on the phone, all by a moored boat, etc. .
Quick recognition leads to better appreciation.

Another reason why this photo works so well is that it was shot from a slightly lower angle than that of eye level (from a boat). Thusly, the blue sky being reflected off the surface of the water adds a speck of color in an area that otherwise would be without any details.

TECH STUFF: Nikon D5  / ISO 320/  F 4.0  / I/8000th  / WB Sunny….

Essdras M Suarez

I'm not a specialist. I'm a generalist. I am photography. I am the people, places and things I see through my lens. I am the seasons, I'm the flavors, I don't check a box or fit into a box and I wouldn't want to. I was forged on the trenches of daily newspapers where competitiveness and deadline- driven daily tasks ruled the day. A world where in order to stand out among your peers you must be able to think outside the box and change your approach at a moment's notice. Learning to do just this has won me awards in a myriad of photographic genres. I can adapt to any given situation, to the ebb and flow of any photo assignment or situation. Now that I am in a position to share my knowledge and experience with others, I spend a lot of my time teaching the art of photography.