3 Day Boston Street Photography & the Art of Seeing June 6-8th, 2024

Learn to see all things photography including Street, Portrait, Abstracts, etc as we explore Boston through our photographic devices.

  • Learn how to discover where “the photo lives” within and urban landscape as you receive hands-0n location as well as classroom instruction from 2X Pulitzer- Prize-winning photographer Essdras M Suarez
  • Day I:
    • Morning Session: 2-hour in-class session discussing Street Photography concepts, and the Art of Seeing. We’ll discuss topics such as composition, quality of light, and when to use your telephoto vs your wide-angle lens, etc.
    • Lunch: on your own Afternoon Session: o Boston Commons o Public Garden
      • Commonwealth Ave
      • Trinity Church and Trinity Plaza


    Day II:

    • Morning Session: 2-hour in-class session reasserting the concept of Street Photography, and the Art of Seeing. We’ll discuss topics such as decisive moments, and storytelling.
    • Lunch: on your own Afternoon Session:
      • Chinatown o Rose Kennedy Greenway
      • Downtown Crossings


    Day III: 

    • Morning Session: Two to three-hour photo walk session in the North End.


  • A group virtual session where we can review some of the photos made during the workshop.
  • Extra bonus only for Boston: 30- min one on one virtual photo review session with Essdras
  • Workshop Cost: $1,200
  • Minimum of 8/ max of 14
  • Initial deposit: $300
  • Final Payment: April 5th, 2024

(non-refundable/ full transferable to another EMS PA program or product within 364 calendar days after the completion date of this program.)

Boston Street Photography & the Art of Seeing: A Three-Day Immersion

Unlock your creative potential in this enriching three-day program designed to elevate your skills in street photography and visual storytelling.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Classroom Learning: Dive into 4-5 hours of theory to master the fundamentals of great composition, the art of capturing decisive moments, and the importance of shadows.

  • On-the-Field Training: Spend 10-12 hours practicing on Boston’s vibrant streets, getting real-time, in-situ feedback. Locations include Boston Common, Boston Public Gardens, Downtown Crossings, Chinatown, Rose Kennedy Greenway, and Boston’s Four Point Channel.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Composition: Craft compelling street photographs by understanding key elements of composition.

  • The Decisive Moment: Capture the ‘right’ moment for complete storytelling in a single frame.

  • The Play of Shadows: Utilize natural and artificial light for dramatic effects.

Why Choose This Program?

  • Become a Better Photographer: Receive hands-on instruction to elevate your skills and learn tips and techniques that will take your photography to new heights.

  • Gain Recognition: Produce exceptional images that earn admiration from photography club members and accolades from friends and family alike.

  • Explore Your Creative Side: Harness your creative potential, capturing the rich nuances of Boston’s diverse culture and natural beauty.

  • See Differently: Develop a fresh perspective as you photograph urban wonders and architectural marvels, broadening your visual storytelling capabilities.

By the end of the program, you’ll walk away with technical expertise and a newfound understanding of how to see—and capture—the world through your lens.

Boston, Street Photography & the Art of Seeing
Boston Street Photography & Art of Seeing (double)

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