On Paying Attention to Details

LESSON: When it comes to Street Photography looking for repeating patterns and paying attention to details while assessing the chaos of daily life can yield satisfying results…

In this notice photo notice the following details:.
– The stripes on the man’s shirt mimick the vents on the bus..

– The colors white and blue are the predominant colors on the bus and on what the man is wearing..

– Even the red highlights on the man’s overall back pockets match that of the lights on the sides of the bus..

– The fact that the drawing of Tesla seems to be looking at the man as the man seemingly appears to be getting ready to stick his finger in the ear of Tesla also adds to the complexity of the image and helps in the storytelling process..

– And lastly, the writing on the bus is relevant to the overall scene and to the essence of what photography is all about: Lighting

TECH STUFF: #nikonD5/  70-200mm 2.8  / ISO 250/  F 4.0  /  1/ 1,000th

Essdras M Suarez

I'm not a specialist. I'm a generalist. I am photography. I am the people, places and things I see through my lens. I am the seasons, I'm the flavors, I don't check a box or fit into a box and I wouldn't want to. I was forged on the trenches of daily newspapers where competitiveness and deadline- driven daily tasks ruled the day. A world where in order to stand out among your peers you must be able to think outside the box and change your approach at a moment's notice. Learning to do just this has won me awards in a myriad of photographic genres. I can adapt to any given situation, to the ebb and flow of any photo assignment or situation. Now that I am in a position to share my knowledge and experience with others, I spend a lot of my time teaching the art of photography.