EMS Photo Adventures

The mission of EMS Photo Adventures, headed by Pulitzer Prizewinning Photographer, Essdras M Suarez, is to create unique, hands-on, one-of-a kind, on-location guided photography adventures to help photographers of all levels advance their photographic skills under the tutelage of Suarez or one of his fellow Pulitzer Prizewinning colleagues.

Adventures range from 1-2 day photo seminars to 12-14 day photo expeditions.

EMS Photo Adventures MeetUp
Street Photography at Wynwood Murals

Miami, Florida – Saturday, August 11, 3-6 pm

“I learned more today than I have in almost any other workshop or class I’ve been a part of. Your eye and attention to details are really amazing. My mind is racing with all of the things you said and talked about.” Fred“It was one of the most enlightening photography experiences I’ve had. I’ll definitely be looking at everything from different perspectives from now on.” Bob S.“Thank you for an extraordinary week! You opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the world through a camera. Thank you again for this unbelievable experience!” Nancy Y

“Thank you again for a wonderful trip – I feel my photographic skills, and ways of seeing the world have increased by at least tenfold.” Kevin

“You were so generous with your knowledge. You helped me not only get some good shots, but taught so many useful skills that will help me with my development as a photographer.” Bob

“I truly enjoyed watching how you make the subjects of your images feel comfortable and the camera technique instruction will be very valuable when I go out to photograph fairs and other events.” Joy